Wednesday 5 October 2016

AIIMS Director Prof. M.C. Misra on Healthcare Delivery Transformation in India

Prof. M.C. Misra, Director of AIIMS, New Delhi speaks about transformation in healthcare delivery in India
Exclusive Interview with Prof. M.C. Misra
Dear Dr. Renukaprasad A R,
It is a great pleasure for us to announce the exclusive interview with Dr. M. C. Misra, Director of AIIMS, New Delhi on Docplexus. Dr. Misra is one of the most reputed surgeons in both India and abroad. He is also known for his pioneering efforts for improving Trauma Care in South Asia.
Dr. Misra has received the prestigious Dr. B. C. Roy Award and is also a recipient of various fellowships from many national and international institutions.
In this exclusive interview, Dr. Misra speaks about:
  • Training of surgeons for performing transplants in India
  • The concept of Green Corridor and its implementation
  • Streamlining patient services in large public sector healthcare facilities
  • Pre-requisites for training in surgical specialities at AIIMS

Dispensing Medical MTP Kit By Gynaecologist

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Dear Dr. Renukaprasad A R,
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